Fall is a great time for kids to explore the outdoors. Here are 31 fun ideas that can be done on a budget at home in 2022. From playing with leaves and going apple picking, there’s something for every kid of all ages!

The “activities for 5 year olds to do at home” is a list of 31 affordable activities that you can do with your kids.

The leaves are changing color, the weather is becoming cool, and your children are becoming agitated. That means it’s time to start thinking about some autumn activities for kids. Hayrides or apple picking may spring to mind right away, but hayrides may be costly, and you may not live near a corn maze or an apple orchard. Fortunately, you and your children can enjoy a variety of autumn activities in the comfort of your own garden.

We have the ideas and methods to keep your kids active, creative, and engaged during the next autumn season, whether you want holiday-themed activities or games that also help you decorate your house.


Leaves Are a Lot of Fun

The leaves change hues in the autumn and spread over our yards. It only seems sense to utilize leaves for our autumn activities since there are so many of them and they’re almost everywhere. Here are a few ideas about how to go about it:

1. Who can rake up the most leaves?


As much fun as leaves are (and believe us, they’re a lot of fun), having too many of them may be a pain. When your yard is covered with red, brown, and orange, it’s time to start raking – so why not include your kids?

Turn raking into a competitive game of “Who can produce the largest leaf pile?” and let your kids do the cleaning. You may also go on to the next activity if someone produces a large enough pile…

2. Getting Your Feet in the Leaves!


This was probably the first thing that sprang to mind when you read “autumn activities for kids.” Adults may participate in a typical autumn pastime of jumping into leaves.

When raking leaves, make sure they’re stacked on grass or similar soft surface, since leaping onto concrete might be deadly. Also, since leaves like to get tangled in hair, you may want to wear a hat!

3. Leaves that have been pressed


Leaf pressing is a great autumn activity for youngsters who want to do something creative. Leaf pressing is a fun method to capture memories of the passing seasons while also creating beautiful artwork to put in your living room.

Make careful to recognize and avoid any hazardous plants, such as poison ivy, while pressing leaves. Thin, flat, and dry leaves work best for pressing, and you’ll want a variety of colors and sizes.

Leaf Paintings (4)


You and your children may use leaves as canvases to create a painting with distinctive textures and patterns. Paint, leaves, paper, and a paintbrush are all you’ll need for this exercise.

Choose a really crispy leaf and begin coloring it. Then press the painted side of the leaf to the paper, and the leaf will leave behind (…get it?) a nearly matching impression.

Painting with Leaves 2.0


Ok, so leaf painting relates to two different hobbies, both of which will stimulate your child’s creativity. This second sort of leaf painting project is straightforward: take a canvas and some watercolors outdoors, observe the leaves, and paint what you see.

Encourage your children to use a more abstract approach, concentrating primarily on colors and forms. You may even push them to paint the leaves accurately and compare their renditions to the originals if they’re artistically inclined.

Holidays by Season

Several holidays happen during the autumn season, so you’ll want to consider some DIY decorations. We’ve already given you some Halloween decorating ideas, but there are many more for Thanksgiving. Here are a few of our favorite holiday craft ideas for kids that can also be used as fun autumn activities.

6. Carving Pumpkins


Without a few Jack-o-lanterns, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween, and carving these pumpkins will be a true delight for your kids. Picking out a pumpkin is a lot of fun! You may utilize templates, choose a theme, or simply draw your own designs; either way, you’ll end up with some cute decorations, edible seeds, and fond memories of the autumn season.

7. Construct a Scarecrow


A scarecrow is almost a mascot for autumn and Halloween, and every youngster will enjoy crafting one. You may make a scarecrow in a variety of ways and using a variety of materials.

It’s generally better if you take care of the hard lifting while your children choose the design and accessories. However, if you have adolescents or particularly responsible preteens, they will most likely want to participate as well.

Pinecone Turkeys (nine)


With your children, you can make a fun, festive, one-of-a-kind centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Construction paper, googly eyes, twine or glue, and pinecones are all you’ll need to make pinecone turkeys. Then let your imagination go wild, and you’ll have a sweet adornment in no time.

Get Artsy

Those Christmas DIY projects are only a taste of what we have in store for youngsters this autumn. Look no farther than these activities for more general arts and crafts tasks.

Pinecone Hedgehogs (nine)


Pinecone hedgehogs are a fun and easy project that your kids will love. All you’ll need is a few arts and crafts items, as well as a good supply of pinecones, much like the pinecone turkeys.

Other animals and critters you may construct with pinecones include bears, owls, and foxes, in addition to turkeys and hedgehogs. You may also create a variety of…

Acorn Faces (nine)


What’s adorable, easy to make, and a lot of fun for your kids? Faces of acorns! You’ll just need a pen or marker and some acorns for this DIY project, which takes even less ingredients than pinecone animals.

After you’ve finished decorating your acorns, have some fun with them by pretending to be them and sending them on thrilling outdoor excursions. Acorns, on the other hand, may cause choking, so make sure your toddler is mature enough to participate.

Take a look about you.

Fall is a great season to go exploring, with everything from pumpkin fields to corn mazes. And if you prefer to remain at home, there are plenty of autumn activities to be discovered just in your own backyard!

11. Bird Observation


A fantastic time to start (or continue!) a birding pastime is in the fall. The majority of birds will fly south for the winter, so take advantage of the opportunity to see them while they’re still here. We’ve even got some pointers on how to make your yard more bird-friendly.

You may purchase binoculars and a regional bird book to attempt to identify birds, or make it a contest to see who can see the most diversity. However, just viewing the birds without any additional equipment can provide you with some enjoyable quality time with your youngster.

12. Feeding Birds


Our feathery buddies may need some additional calories this winter in order to have the power to fly. As a result, autumn is an excellent season to put up birdfeeders or bake birdfeed cookies with your kids.

Birdseed cookies are simple to make, but they should be prepared ahead of time. You may even create your own birdfeeders if you have the time and the correct supplies.

13. Bug Observation


Although not all parents will want to participate in this next autumn pastime, insect viewing may be just as entertaining for children as bird watching (if not more so!). You may keep an eye on these bugs from afar or keep them as an outdoor pet in a plastic container with leaves.

You’ll want to make sure your kids don’t come into contact with any poisonous or stinging insects. Also, keep an eye on your kids to make sure they don’t harm the bugs by mistake – it’s their home, too!

Sports & Games from the Past

We have a number of backyard game ideas, and some of them are particularly enjoyable to play in the autumn. Fall, for example, is an excellent season to practice a variety of sports and pastimes, from t-ball to hula hooping, thanks to the cooler weather.

tee-ball 14


Because practicing throughout the winter might be challenging, the autumn is a wonderful time to get some baseball practice done before the spring season. Our favorite variation is tee-ball, and we can recommend some equipment.

You may follow the official regulations or make up your own; you can even forego the bat and go for a catch. Just make sure you don’t lose your ball among the leaves!

Bike Riding (15.)


Teaching your youngster to ride a bike in the fall is ideal. If your youngster falls (…get it? ), there is always a beautiful cushion of leaves to catch them. Because leaves may get stuck in the spokes, it’s best to ride near the leaves than than straight over them.

Playing on a Swing Set is a fun way to pass the time.


Why not put a swing set in your yard this autumn if you’ve been thinking about it? Swing sets are pleasant to use at any time of year, but autumn is particularly enjoyable since it is not as hot or chilly as other seasons.

Swinging is fun for both older and younger children, and you can make your own with only a tire and some rope. Simply ensure that it is installed securely.

17. Football with a Flag


Flag football is just as entertaining as regular football, but it’s safer for kids. There are numerous methods to play this game, and you may choose the one that you believe is the safest for you. We also have some recommendations if you want to go all out and get a flag football set.

The game works best with older children who are willing to follow the rules, so make sure there isn’t too much of an age difference between those participating. You’ll also need to prepare a few items ahead of time, and you or another adult will want to serve as the referee.

Hula Hooping (number 18)


Hula hooping is an easy-to-overlook fall sport for kids, but it may be a fun way for your child to liven up a dull autumn day. It’s a fun and autonomous exercise that may quickly turn into a competition to see who can keep the hula hoop moving the longest. This makes it excellent for playdates as well.

Group Projects

Some things are just more enjoyable when done in a group. Try one (or all!) of these fun autumn activities for kids with your kids and their friends.

Scavenger Hunt (19.)


If you have multiple children to look after, a scavenger hunt might keep them occupied for hours. Depending on your children’s ages, you may make this quest simple or challenging.

A scarlet leaf, an orange leaf, and a pinecone are some examples of items to add on your list if you’re arranging a search for younger children. If you’re playing with older children, include objects like a green leaf, a winged seed, and an acorn on your list.

Obstacle Course #20


Obstacle courses are a great way to expend energy while also practicing coordination. It may also be a wonderful collaboration exercise for both older and younger children.

You may make this obstacle course challenging or easy, much like your treasure hunt, by carefully placing the obstacles. You may also utilize stuff from your own yard, such as leaves and stumps, or buy more official materials like traffic cones and tires.

Bob for Apples (number 21)


Apple bobbing is a time-honored autumn pastime. You’ll need a bin, some water, and some apples for this autumn activity.

Make sure everyone is clothed warmly before playing since there’s a significant risk someone may get wet. Then it’s as simple as dropping your head underwater, seeking for an apple, and grabbing it with your teeth (which isn’t easy at all, but it’s definitely entertaining to try!).

Evening Activities

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the lights go out. Autumn can be stunning at night, and some evenings it’s worth staying up late to take in the sights. Instead of putting your kids to bed right away, try some of these autumn activities for kids at night.

22. Observing the stars


Sunsets occur earlier in the autumn, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful skies for longer before retiring to bed. It’s a great way to conclude the day by lying down in the leaves and gaze up at the sky.

Consider getting your kids an astronomy book or a telescope so they may learn more about the constellations. However, on certain autumn evenings, the sky will be so clear that your children will be able to easily see the stars; all you have to do is point them out.

23. Have a Campfire in Your Backyard


If you’re going stargazing, it’s only natural to spend the night in your own backyard. You may bring sleeping bags and sleep on the grass, or you can pitch up a tent and spend the night inside.

Remember to check and prepare for the weather before putting up your bags or tent. You don’t want to wake up to rain or find it difficult to sleep because it’s too chilly.

24. Ghost Stories, S’mores, and a Campfire


Another Halloween pleasure is ghost tales, which may be enjoyed at any time throughout the autumn season. Why not sit around the fire and listen to some ghost stories? If you’ve already built a fire, it’s only natural that you indulge in some s’mores.

There are as many methods to create a s’more as there are to construct a campfire. Why not make your own ghost story if you’ve exhausted the list of common ghost stories?

Shadow Puppets (No. 25)


If ghost tales are too scary for your kids (or they’ve eaten one too many s’mores and need to unwind for the night), shadow puppets are a fun alternative.

Another fun autumn tradition is shadow puppets, which just need a flashlight and your own fingers. You may make a whole cast of actors and present a narrative, or you can challenge your children to make their own shadow puppets.

Glow Stick Hunt (No. 26)


Glow sticks are extremely simple to see and entertaining to discover when it’s dark outside. Before you take your kids outdoors, hide a few glow sticks in the bushes, grass, and other places and challenge them to discover them.

In the case that some of the glow sticks aren’t discovered, make a mental note of where you put them all. Also, think of a surprise gift for the winner, like a glow stick to play with the following day!

Other amusing pursuits

Some hobbies aren’t cleanly classified, but it doesn’t make them any less enjoyable! Here are a few more autumn activities for kids to keep your kids amused after you’ve tried all of the others on this list.

Picnic No. 27


The air is crisp, the leaves are lovely, and you and your family are sharing a nice meal. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? The simple process of putting prepared a picnic will result in a relaxing day and tired children.

Picnics in the backyard are simple to organize since you can easily return inside if you run out of supplies. They’re also a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids; between organizing the menu, preparing the food, and setting up the picnic area, you could easily spend the whole morning together.

Tea Parties (number 28)


Tea parties, like picnics, are not only enjoyable but also tasty. It’s up to you whether you offer actual tea or fake tea, but if you’re going for genuine tea, opt for something festive like cinnamon apple or pumpkin spice.

It’s only natural for your children to dress up for a tea party, so getting ready becomes a different pastime. Choose costumes (which you’ll be able to wear on Halloween!) Allow children to make their own clothes out of old textiles. You may also provide jams, scones, or tea cakes if they’re feeling really merry.

29. Reading a Book While Sitting Outside


Going outdoors, sitting back, relaxing, and reading is one of the easiest and most fun things to do in the autumn. Reading not only promotes creativity, but it also aids with vocabulary growth and critical thinking.

You have the option of choosing and reading a book with your kid or allowing him to read the book on his own. If you’re still undecided, why not go with an autumn-themed title?

30. Decorate with Fall Flowers


If you’re a gardener, you’re definitely thinking about adding a few new blooms to your collection this autumn. So why not enlist the aid of your children?

Several flowers, fruits, and vegetables thrive in the autumn, and many of them are simple to grow and maintain. This means your kid will have an easy introduction to gardening, and they may want to do it all over again in the spring!

31. Photographs of Family


Fall’s vibrant colors provide for a beautiful background for family pictures, making it the ideal time to dress up, get together, and smile for the camera. These photographs may be hung over your fireplace or used as Christmas cards. In any case, you’ll have another enjoyable autumn activity for your kids to do, as well as a nice memento of the amazing season.


We hope you’ve liked our list of fun autumn activities for kids, and we’re certain that your children will as well. Fall is a fantastic season to explore nature, try new hobbies, and spend quality time with your family, from gardening to ghost tales and treasure hunts.

We have some things in mind for different seasons if you’re seeking for something to do. Also, if you’re looking for more general activities for any day of the year, we’ve got you covered. However, there are times when autumn-themed activities are the finest, and activities that can be done at home are even better.

Prepare your apples, birdseed, leaf paintings, and pinecone figures; this autumn will be a fun!

The “free indoor activities for kids” is a list of 31 fall activities that are affordable and fun. The activities include things like making s’mores, playing with leaves, and more.

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