For those who would like to play golf in the backyard, but don’t have the space or budget for a full-sized course, there are many options on how to get into the game. These range from putting greens and driving ranges with features such as augmented reality tracking systems that simulate real life accuracy through your phone’s camera.

The “best golf net for backyard” is a product that allows you to own the yard. This product includes many features, such as a carrying bag and an adjustable handle.

Golf is one of the world’s most relaxing sports, yet in today’s fast-paced world, going hundreds of miles to perfect your swing may no longer be feasible. Golf nets are your go-to assist in the comfort of your own home or garden, whether you’re wanting to wow your mates on the golf course or just improve the precision of your swing.


Golf Net of Choice

Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf



Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf Black, 23 inch

  • The ideal foldable chipping basket will help you improve your abilities.
  • Converts from a 23-inch frame to a 7-inch frame.
  • Three chipping baskets are included for the ultimate challenge.
  • Suitable for both left and right handed golfers.
  • Suitable for all ability levels

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Out of the golf nets we reviewed, the Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf was our favorite. Not only is this net the most affordable, but it’s also a lightweight and durable #1 bestseller. The 23-inch net is easy to assemble and folds back together into a 7-inch compact for storage in seconds.

This golf net was particularly created with three different size rings so that you can measure and improve your shot accuracy. Each of these rings has a net connected beneath it to catch your golf balls and make recovering them easier. Even after hundreds of shots, it’s the most dependable and cost-effective net we’ve discovered.

We loved the following aspects of this website:

  • The reasonable pricing, which is ideal for people on a tight budget.
  • The different sized rings enable for more accurate shooting.
  • The net’s foldable for easy dismantling and storage.
  • Because of its compact size, it’s ideal for interior usage.
  • The independently connected nets under each ring allow for quick retrieval and measurement of shot accuracy.
  • The lightweight but resilient metal frame creates a portable yet durable golf net.

We didn’t care for:

  • Because the net is tiny, it may not survive as long as a thicker golf net.
  • There is no carry bag included.

Other Fantastic Networks

Quickster Golf Net by SKLZ


TUSY Golf Net Golf Hitting Nets Training Aids Practice Nets for Backyard Driving Range Chipping Practice with Target Sheet Carry Bag for Indoor & Outdoor Sports

  • [STRONG and LASTING] The frame is composed of fiberglass rod, which is more flexible and durable. The hexagonal net is composed of nylon and has a hexagonal pattern. It is more resistant to wind and tears than other forms. Oxford fabric is used to make the target sheet, which can withstand more impacts.
  • [APPLICABILITY ON BOARD] The target sheet may be put up or taken down depending on your requirements. TUSY golf net is suited for both real and foam balls in all forms of indoor and backyard training practice. It is appropriate for golfers of all skill levels and has no age restrictions. TUSY golf nets are fantastic gifts for golfers.
  • [QUICK ASSEMBLY & CONVENIENCE] TUSY golf net is easy to assemble and take down. The carry bag is used for storage; it is handy and light, and can be carried anywhere
  • [EXTREMELY LARGE OPEN SIZE] The 10′ (L) x 6′ (W) x 7′ (H) golf net gives a 30% larger area with opportunity for chipping and driving practice.
  • [CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMPT] Every TUSY client has a 90-day guarantee on any problem. Please contact us; our customer support team will respond within 24 hours.

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The Quickster Golf Net by SKLZ was one of the most efficient nets we could find. The net takes only a minimal amount of time to set up, roughly a minute and can be quickly taken apart and easily stored in the provided SKLZ carry bag.

It has a height-adjustable target to help you improve your swing, as well as two net sizes to choose from: a big 6′ x 6′ net or an extra-large 8′ x 8′ net for an easier shot. Not to mention that you may use this net both inside and outside your house by anchoring it in the grass or just laying it on flat ground inside. The cost of this net is a bit high, but the quality and efficiency more than make up for it.

We loved the following aspects of this website:

  • The rapid setup allows for more practice time and less frustration time.
  • The target may be adjusted to practice different hits.
  • There’s no need to worry about storage since it comes with a carry bag.
  • It comes in two enormous sizes, ideal for novices with less-than-perfect shots.
  • Because the net may be used both inside and outdoors, you won’t have to be concerned about the weather.

We didn’t care for:

  • The internet is quite pricy, which may not be suited for individuals on a tight budget.
  • The net’s vast size prevents it from being used inside in compact settings.

Haack Golf Net Rukket 10 x 7

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The Rukket is a 10 by 7 foot rug. The Haack Golf Net is the most costly of the nets we’ve mentioned, but it was developed by Chris Haack, the golf coach at the University of Georgia. His understanding of how to successfully practice golf led to the creation of this useful tool for both beginners and seasoned golfers. This golf net has no knots, so your golf balls will roll smoothly, and the net is structured in such a manner that the balls will roll back towards you after you’ve shot.

This net’s huge 10H x 7W x 3D foot frame will catch all of your shots, even if they go wild. The net is made of 4-ply netting, which is stronger and more resistant to quick shots, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out. This is a long-lasting net. The net has a metal base and two flexible vertical poles that connect to the base and keep the net in place. Finally, the individual pieces will be separated from one another for easy disassembly and storage.

We loved the following aspects of this website:

  • Even when you’re off your game, the wide cage design and roll-back capabilities help keep your golf balls confined in one general area.
  • For simple storage, the golf net comes with a carry bag (which means more room in your garage).
  • For such a wide net, it’s surprisingly light and portable, allowing you to practice almost anywhere.
  • This golf net was designed by a golf teacher for easier and better practice.

We didn’t care for:

  • Because there are no targets to practice on, there is no way to assess your accuracy.
  • The cost of using the internet is much greater, which is inconvenient if you don’t want to overspend.

3 in 1 Golf Practice Set by Ajillis

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The 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set by Ajillis includes various practice nets for chipping and driving, as well as a driving mat. This set is a tad pricey, however, it isn’t the most expensive on our list and you get more golf practice equipment for your money. The driving net’s fiberglass poles expand to make a decent-sized net of 11 x 7 x 5.5 feet, which practically guarantees that no golf ball will escape.

The chipping net is totally weather-resistant, making it ideal for use outside if you want to practice golf in the rain, wind, or snow. For a long-lasting product, the accompanying driving mat is constructed of high-quality grass turf with a rubber bottom. Each element in this set may be disassembled and stored in the weather-resistant nylon carrying bag that comes with your order.

We loved the following aspects of this website:

  • This set has two nets, making it perfect for novices wishing to improve their golf skills.
  • With the supplied driving mat, you may hit your golf ball on a flat surface and prevent mistakes.
  • The weather-resistant chipping net allows you to practice golf in all types of weather and is less prone to degrade as soon as other nets when left outside.

We didn’t care for:

  • More nets equals more time spent putting them together.
  • There are no stakes included to keep the netting in place.

Indoor-Outdoor Multi-Sport Club Champ Easy Net



8′ x 10′ Club Champ Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Sport Easy Net, White

  • This multi-sport utility net is ideal for practicing golf, tennis, teeball, and other outdoor sports.
  • A flexible aluminum and fiberglass structure with shock-corded strength supports the large 7′ high by 9′ wide net.
  • Burying 6-8″ below the earth or grass surface is the greatest way to support outdoor design.
  • Setup and dismantling are both quick and simple.
  • Stable enough to block even the most difficult shots

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We’ve discovered that the Club Champ Easy Net is the easiest net to put up. It’s the second most cheap net on our list, and it takes less than 5 minutes to put up and take down. The shock absorbency allows you to practice your hardest shots without causing damage to the net.

This is a bigger net that measures 7′ high by 9′ wide and is ideal for practicing drives. The net is also deep enough to collect all of your golf balls rather than ricocheting as they could in a shallower net.

We loved the following aspects of this website:

  • To absorb stress and flex with the movement of the net, aluminum and fiberglass poles were used.
  • Large and deep enough for a simple, stress-free practice.
  • You will not be disappointed by the easy construction of one net and a few poles.

We didn’t care for:

  • To get the most out of the net, bury the poles a few inches underground.
  • There are no targets included with the net. If you want to practice with targets, you’ll have to purchase them individually.

Before you buy, think about this.

Net Size

It’s crucial to figure out what size net is best for you. The net sizes vary from massive 10-foot nets to smaller 23-inch diameter nets. You’ll be able to choose a net that fits comfortably in your indoor or outdoor area if you pay attention to the size. It’s wise to assess the area you have available before selecting a net. Golf balls will harm anything left too near to the net, so allow 4 to 6 additional feet behind the net.


Another factor to consider is the target. If you want to improve your strokes while also being able to quantify them, you may consider investing in a golf net with targets. Depending on the net you choose, targets may be adjustable or immovable, and they can help you improve your high or low swings. A net without objectives does not offer the same level of confidence in maintaining good strokes as one with targets.

Drive Nets or Chipping

When shopping for a net, you must decide if you need to improve your swings and drives or your chipping and putting. Small nets with built-in targets are best for chipping and putting, while big nets are better for practicing drives since they can resist quick strikes to the netting. This article may assist you in determining whether you need a net for driving or putting.

Set-ups that are permanent or temporary

When shopping for a golf net, consider if you want a professional to install a permanent net or whether you want a temporary net. If you’re contemplating a permanent net, bear in mind that they’re often put in homes and might be difficult to remove once installed. They are, however, generally of better quality and endure longer than moveable nets.

Temporary nets, on the other hand, may be moved from one location to another, making practicing easier. They are frequently less costly than permanent golf nets, and if properly erected, dismantled, and stored, they may survive for years. These nets may be folded or disassembled to make a much smaller item for storage. When you’re not utilizing the internet, it won’t take up much space inside or outside your house.

If you want to build a golf net inside, we’ve included a link to an article that may help you get ready.


When looking for a golf net, the pricing is the most crucial factor to consider. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of quality, inexpensive golf netting on the market. However, it’s crucial not to get a cheap net since they’re frequently less reliable and don’t last as long as a little more costly golf net. If you want a long-lasting net, it could be in your best interest to save up for a more expensive one.


You should start searching for the best quality net after you’ve chosen what sort of net you’ll need. A top grade net is comprised of thicker netting material to prevent rips or tears from quick shots. The net should be as well. Your golf balls will ricochet rather than being captured at the back of the net if the netting is too tight.

To absorb the impact of your golf balls and avoid fractures or breakage, the net’s structure should be readily flexible. With repeated practice and usage, if the frame is excessively rigid, the net may disintegrate faster.

An essay detailing the advantages of a high-quality golf net, as well as some other features to look for in a good golf net, can be found here.

Best Golf Net Manufacturers

Let’s take a quick look at our top recommendations, as well as some other good net manufacturers we didn’t mention earlier, now that you’ve gone over the specifications of each net.

Top Picks

  1. Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf: This net is manufactured by J&M Golf Inc. which has been a family-owned golf business since 1987. This company is one of the most popular and trusted businesses, creating golf products that will last.
  2. Quickster Golf Net by SKLZ: The Quickster Net is manufactured by The GolfWorks company. The company was founded in 1976 and specializes in custom club grips, club head designs and other well-made golf equipment.
  3. 10 x 7 foot Rukket Haack Golf Net: Rukket Sports manufactures the Haack Golf Net. Rukket Sports was established in 2012 and has since become one of the most well-known and reputable sports equipment manufacturers.
  4. 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set by Ajillis: This set of nets is manufactured by Ajillis. Ajillis is a small sports equipment company located in Utah. They have been in business for 18 years.
  5. Club Champ Easy Net: Club Champion Golf produces this Easy Net. This company is the number one golf club fitting retailer in the country.

Other Names

  1. Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net: Spornia Inc., a firm that has been around since 1998, makes this fantastic net. Pop-up practice nets are their specialty, and they manufacture and distribute them.
  2. The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net: The Net Return makes this net for the more experienced golfer. They manufacture not just golf nets but also netting for other sports.


Q: Is it okay if I hang my net outside?

In bright weather, golf nets may be securely left outdoors. Extreme or rainy weather, on the other hand, would most certainly accelerate the deterioration of the materials. When you are not using your net, we suggest that you store it.

Q: How much space should be allowed inside behind a net?

A: A distance of 4 to 6 feet is optimal to protect anything behind the net.

Q: How far should I stand from the net to strike the golf balls?

A: You should usually be approximately 5 yards away from the net. You may need to stand closer or further away depending on the club you’re using.

Q: How long does it take to put up a golf net and take it down?

A: A golf net can typically be put up and taken down fast. Both take between 2 and 5 minutes to complete. Professional nets, on the other hand, will take longer to build.

Is it worthwhile to invest in golf nets?

A: Golf nets may help you improve your swing by allowing you to practice at home or in your yard. Furthermore, while they are not competing, many professional golfers like to practice on golf nets. Additionally, some have created their own nets that you may buy. If you want to improve your strokes or don’t have time to go for practice, a golf net might be a good investment.

Q: Do genuine golf balls do too much damage to the nets?

A: No. When it comes to netting, actual golf balls are typically alright, particularly if the nets are of decent quality. If you leave your net outdoors to degrade due to the weather, continuous golf ball hits may further damage the net. However, if you preserve your net correctly, you may expect it to last a long time, even while using real golf balls.

When all is said and done,

We believe that all of our choices would make great nets for your yard or home. After doing the work for you and listing the best nets we could find, we decided that Golf Net of Choice was the Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf. The affordable price, targets for precision, quick disassembly and conservative size, seems to make the ideal golfer’s practice net.

Are you looking for a fun method to practice golf? Take a look at these swivel coolers.

The “professional golf practice nets” are the best golf nets for your backyard in 2022. They are easy to set up, and you can use them on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, they are durable and affordable.

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