Swimming pools are among the best additions to any home. It can be the best place to relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. However, you must also be responsible for the proper maintenance of your pool, keeping it clean and beautiful. Poor maintenance of your pool can cause bacteria that bring allergy and other health issues to you and your family. With that, you must have the best partner in cleaning swimming pools.

One of the best ways to keep your pool clean and attractive is to use the best automatic pool cleaner. It can be an essential tool that makes sure your pool is safe and clean. Automatic Pool Cleaners come with functional features that will leave your pool thoroughly clean. It goes without saying that there are lots of automatic pool cleaners in the market. You’re not sure which one is the best for your specific needs, don’t worry! We will provide you a list of the best automatic pool cleaners to choose from for the purpose of maintenance of your pool. Before we proceed to the top products, let us first know what is an automatic pool cleaner.

Be careful with storing your pool cleaner in your house as mold can easily grow around it. To be sure, use kits to identify common household molds.


What is an automatic pool cleaner?

An automatic pool cleaner is an equipment you can use to clean your pool. It helps you ensure that the pump and filtration systems of your pool don’t get clogged. If you want to enjoy swimming in a dirt-free and safe pool, investing an automatic pool cleaner is a good decision. This machine will help you save your time and energy in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your pool.

Top Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are lots of brands introducing automatic pool cleaners in the market. We understand that, choosing the best one for your pool can be challenging. Worry no more because we will give you a reliable list of the best automatic pool cleaners today.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Wall Climbing Scrubber Brush, Top Load Filters...
  • WALL-SCRUBBING POWER: Dolphin Nautilus CC...
  • ACTIVE SCRUBBING: Elevate your pool...
  • EASY FILTER CARE: Effortlessly maintain a...
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY EFFICIENCY: Make pool cleaning...
  • THE DOLPHIN LEGACY: Over 40 years of...

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is one of the best automatic pool cleaners. It is ideal to use for in ground swimming pools with distances of up to 50 feet. This cleaner helps you to clean your pool in just 2 hours. Another unique feature is its smart navigation mode helping it  prevent bumping into walls. It can be scheduled weekly. The cleaner can navigate the cleaning path and has strong brushing power. This cleaner best for saving your time and effort in cleaning your pool. It will surely be your best inground pool cleaner.

It also  comes with 3 different settings making it possible for you to schedule weekly cleaning based on your preference. You can enjoy your free time because this pool cleaner will do the cleaning job for you. It is designed to clean your pool without any struggle. You can clean your swimming pool with just a single touch of a button. Dolphin brand has been serving quality automatic pool cleaners for over 35 years. With that, you have assurance that you can have a quality pool cleaner that can satisfy you. It can trap different debris and dirt leaving your pool clean. The Nautilus CC Plus automatic pool cleaner is a good investment for the proper maintenance of your swimming pool.


  • It comes with strong dual scrubbing brushes for more efficient cleaning
  • Top load filter cartridges and excellent filtering capabilities
  • With this cleaner, you can clean the walls and floors of the pool in just 2 hours
  • Ideal to use in 50 feet pools and can offer a good value to your money
  • Comes with tangle-free swivel cable and smart navigation which prevents it from bumping into walls and other obstacles
  • Quality cleaner with 3 different settings for more customized cleaning performance


  • One negative thing we can say about this pool cleaner is that the swivel power connector leaks.

Polaris Vac Sweep 280

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure-Side In-ground Pool Cleaner, Double Venturi Jet Powered, 31ft of Hose...
  • CLEANS IN 3 HOURS: Powered by a separate...
  • FOR IN-GROUND POOLS: Safe for all pool shapes...
  • Complete Coverage: The Vac Sweep 280 moves...
  • CAPTURES LARGE DEBRIS: The pressure cleaner...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Polaris Vac Sweep 280...

The Polaris Vac Sweep 280 can be your best pressure side pool cleaner. It needs booster pump and is ideal to use for an in-ground pool. This pool vacuum cleaner best cleans for about 3 hours or less. You can save time and effort by using this Polaris Vac Sweep 280 pressure side pool. With its features and efficiency, the time and money you invest on it are all worth it. You can connect it to a 1.5 inch dedicated pressure cleaner line.

The Polaris Vac Sweep 280 pressure side pool cleaner can scrub, sweep and vacuum the bottom of the pool. The filter bag of this pool cleaner removes debris making the pool s filtration system long-lasting. It can remove debris like acorns, leaves, pebbles and other small and large debris. This in-ground pool cleaner can give you with excellent cleaning performance. If you want a more affordable automatic robotic pool cleaner, Polaris Vac Sweep 280 pool cleaner is the right choice for you. This pool vacuum cleaner will not fail you when it comes to cleaning your swimming pool. It can help you to save your time and effort to clean your pool. Even though it requires booster pump, it is still a great investment to help keep your swimming pool safe and clean.


  • One of the best pressure side pool cleaners you can trust for your pool cleaning needs
  • It comes with 31 feet feed hose and has single chamber filter bag that can capture large debris
  • Quality in ground pool cleaner work with different in ground pools
  • Runs off with separate booster pump and cleans in just 3 hours or less.
  • It is powered by double jets and comes in Black Max model that can complement dark bottom pools
  • Continuous cleaning and large capacity filter bag
  • Long-lasting filtration which preserves its efficiency


  • One drawback of this pool vacuum cleaner is it can get caught up on stair cases
  • It needs Polaris booster pump for maximum pool cleaning performance

Dolphin Premier

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner (2024 Model) with Multimedia, Oversized Leaf Bag, Standard &...
  • Drop and go. Easy to use, single button plug...
  • CleverClean delivers a smart and efficient...
  • Powerful, dual scrubbing brushes forcefully...
  • Multiple filter options for an optimal clean...
  • Cleaning made convenient. Set the Premier’s...

Dolphin Premier is another quality pool cleaner you can trust. It possesses exceptional ability to clean the waterline. It is ideal to use in cleaning an in-ground pool of about 50 feet. It features cutting-edge mapping technology and dual DC motors which use 90% less energy.

The Dolphin Premier is backed up by 3 years quality assurance, giving you peace of mind incase any problem arises when using the cleaner. Another unique feature of this product is its full filter indicator that will warn you if it’s time to clean the filter. It has 3 filter options including ultra-fine cartridge filters, bottom-load fine cartridge filters as well as an oversized fine filter bag. It also includes weekly settings, so you can enjoy more of your free time. This product is also a good choice since it can offer you with reliable cleaning performance.


  • It features hypergrip dual tracks that minimize slippage
  • The Dolphin Premier also comes with anti-tangle swivel power cord
  • Powerful dual scrubbing brushes that efficiently remove debris and dirt in your swimming pool
  • This cleaner also has multiple filter options for maximum pool cleaning performance
  • You can set its weekly scheduler to make it clean automatically for you
  • This pool vacuum cleaner comes with various media and dual DC motors
  • It is perfect for fiberglass pools


  • One negative thing we can say about this model is that it is not ideal for hot tubs

Zodiac Baracuda G3

Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for In-ground Pools
  • 3 SIMPLE STEPS: In just three simple steps,...
  • FOR IN-GROUND POOLS:Compatible with low flow...
  • MANEUVERABILITY: The wheel deflector enables...
  • SMOOTH USE: The 36-Fin Disc ensures maximum...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: G3 Suction Pool Cleaner, 39'...

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 is an advanced suction side automatic pool cleaner. It is equipped with more innovative features that help to thoroughly clean your pool. It works well with high speed and low speed pumps. It has wheel deflector which makes the pool vacuum  even when the cleaner bumps to obstacles. You can also add accessories to it like pH tester or leaf skimmer. It has durable and long-lasting diaphragm with excellent one-moving-part-technology.

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 offers good value towards your cleaning needs. It can collect small to medium-sized debris in the pool. The disc of this pool vacuum has 36 fins to keep its suction. If you want a quiet but powerful pool cleaner, the Baracuda G3 is the perfect choice. For a cleaner, it is definitely set to be your best cleaning assistant. Should you choose to get it, the Baracuda G3 will not disappoint. Adding to that, it has FlowKeeper Valve that regulates the water flow automatically to keep maximum cleaning performance even with a lower horsepower pool pump. It is among the most innovative cleaners that offers good value for your budget.


  • Silent but powerful suction side pool cleaner which works with low speed pumps for maximum performance
  • Comes with 36 fins disc that enhance adhesion and ideal to use for low pool pump
  • Wheel deflector that goes into corners, so your pool will be cleaned efficiently
  • Easy to install suction side pool cleaner
  • High resistance to scuffs and has valve that control the water flow
  • Good quality cleaner with patented quick release cassette for simplified routine maintenance


  • This suction pool cleaner is not ideal for spherical pool walls

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction

XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum-generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner Sweeper In-Ground...
  • 10 hoses included for up to 30' pool. Ideal...
  • Require at least a 1 hp swimming pool pump or...
  • No tools required and no electricity needed;...
  • Cleaner should be moving about the pool at a...
  • Automatic operation by self-navigating around...

If you want efficient cleaning, then the XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction is your pick. It needs at least a 3/4 hp swimming pool pump or 1600 GHP to do its job properly. It is energy efficient and can easily attached to the filtration system. It doesn’t need electricity and other tools making it easy to use. It includes 10 hoses that are perfect for pools with a depth of 30 inches.

This cleaner has smart and adjustable design. It features an eye ball diverter helping it to change water flow. The XtremepowerUS 75037 Climb Wall pool vacuum cleaner can clean the sides of your in ground pool as well. You can easily attach it to the filtration system of your pool.


  • Quality pool vacuum cleaner that cleans leaves, dirt, debris, short twigs and other trash
  • It is available with 1-year warranty for your peace of mind
  • Includes 10 hoses for more efficient cleaning
  • One of the most affordable cleaners in the market
  • Yellow seal clip to maintain balance while cleaning
  • Easy to use cleaner which features eye ball diverter to change water flow


  • Some complain that it clogs easily

Hayward W3PVS40JST Poolvergnuegen

Hayward W3PVS40JST Poolvergnuegen Suction Pool Cleaner for In-Ground Pools up to 20 x 40 ft....
  • The Hayward Poolvergnuegen 4-Wheel Suction...
  • 4-wheel drive cleans larger pools or pools...
  • Patented tire treads enhance climbing ability...
  • Multiple pre-programmed internal steering...
  • Patented adjustable roller skirts allow the...

The Hayward W3PVS40JST Poolvergnuegen pool vacuum comes with patented self adjusting turbine vanes for maximum power. It works with vinyl, pebble, fiberglass and tile. It can clean up to 16 x 32 feet. This robotic pool vacuum cleaner has patented adjustable roller skirts to keep its maximum suction on uneven surfaces.

With its functional features and efficient performance, you have assurance that this is one of the best robotic pool vacuum cleaner designed for in-ground pools. It can be a good investment to help maintain your pool to become a fun and cleaner space.


  • Four wheel drive that cleans pools up to 20’ x 40’
  • It comes with multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences
  • Patented tire treads to improve obstacle maneuverability and climbing ability
  • It also comes with patented adjustable roller skirts to keep optimal suction even on uneven surfaces
  • Features patented self adjusting turbine vanes for excellent power


  • Some said that this cleaner is less effective on stairs and walls

Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Vacuum for InGround Pools up to 50ft, 60ft Swivel...
  • AUTO POOL CLEANER: The 9450 Sport 4WD...
  • IN GROUND: Compatible with in ground swimming...
  • POLARIS: For more than 40 years, Polaris has...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Comes equipped with a 60ft...

The Polaris 9450 Sport robotic in-ground cleaner will help you to save your time and effort for cleaning your swimming pool. It features Vortex Vacuum Technology which captures more than 4 times the debris load of other models. It has four wheel drive that can clean the walls, floor and it can scrub the tile line of the pool using its pleated scrubbing brush. It's an efficient in ground pool cleaner that will maintain the safety and cleanliness of your pool.

It also has top access, a large filter canister for more powerful cleaning performance. It can clean all areas in pools of up to 50 feet. It features a 7 day programmable cleaning cycle, so it will take the responsibility of consistently cleaning your swimming pool. It is available with 2 years limited warranty. Purchasing this in-ground pool cleaner will not disappoint you. It can provide a good value for your money. It goes about cleaning your swimming pool without getting stuck over obstacles. This is with help from its ActivMotion sensor that senses its position automatically while reducing cord tangling. If you want a more efficient cleaner in an affordable cost then this product is the best option. 


  • Vortex Vacuum Technology that can capture more than 4 times the debris of other cleaners
  • 7 days programmable timer for more customized cleaning cycles
  • It can clean up to 50 feet in length and has 2 years limited warranty
  • Comes with all-purpose filter canister for more efficiency
  • Weighs about 16 pounds and has new premium, compact transport caddy which is easy to assemble without tools
  • 4-wheel drive for thorough cleaning process
  • Good value for your money


  • it's alleged that the product's warranty is sometimes not honored

Dolphin Sigma

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner (2024 Model) — Wi-Fi, App, Gyroscope, Weekly Timer, Waterline...
  • Hassle-free clean. Easy-to-use, robotic pool...
  • No messy bags to clean. Massive top-loading...
  • Powerful, dual scrubbing brushes thoroughly...
  • Just say when. Set Sigma’s advanced weekly...
  • Smart Navigation. Advanced navigation and...
The Dolphin Sigma is one of the most versatile pool cleaners in the market. Loaded with amazing features that can satisfy your cleaning needs. It is the first ever pool robot that has gyroscopic control. It also has durable commercial-grade motors. It has a powerful triple-brushing action that allows it to scrub away stains and other dirt in the pool.

It also contains big dual-filter cartridges which can collect more contaminants. This cleaner comes with hypergrip that treads grip surfaces for less slippage. It is best to use for in-ground pools with distance of up to 50 ft. You don’t need to clean messy bags because it can capture fine and ultra-fine debris leaving your pool thoroughly clean. It is a versatile cleaner that can remove bacteria and algae from walls, floor and waterline in just 2.5 hours. Another amazing feature of this pool vacuum is its weekly scheduler that allows it to clean automatically. So, you can enjoy more of your time working on other things saving time and effort in the cleaning needs of your pool.


  • Ideal for inground pools up to 50 ft and gyroscope mobility system for maximum performance
  • Durable commercial-grade motors and energy efficient
  • It is the first ever pool robot that has gyroscopic control
  • Easy to use and comes with anti-tangling swivel cable that makes it to move freely
  • Bluetooth and massive top load cartridge filters
  • This cleaner is available with 3 years quality assurance for your peace of mind
  • Advanced navigation and scanning software that enables it to clean efficiently without allowing obstacles get in the way


  • Some complain that it is not long-lasting

Hayward Aquabag Suction Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner (Automatic Pool Vacuum)
  • Unique turbine/gearing system provides...
  • Advanced, contoured head design allows the...
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes, without...
  • Deluxe bumper ring minimizes friction for...
  • 1 year warranty

The Hayward Aquabug can be your efficient above ground pool cleaner. It is best used for cleaning vinyl pool liners. It has a more innovative ladybug design. The cleaner is easy to install; in less than 10 minutes without using tools. It also excludes a redundant booster pump. In addition, it has a dirt container bag that doesn’t need frequent cleaning because it takes advantage of the filtration system of the pool.

It comes with an innovative turbine/ gearing system that allows constant balanced water flow for gentle movement across the pool bottom. If you want a quiet pool cleaner, this product is best for you. It has an advanced, contoured head design that completes steering pattern in minimum time.


  • Easy installation without tools, cleans all surfaces like concrete, vinyl, tile and fiberglass pools
  • It is backed up with 1-year warranty
  • Features a Deluxe bumper ring that reduces friction for easy maneuverability
  • Turbine system that maintain balance of water flow for silent operation
  • Comes with low time consumption


  • One negative thing about this product is that it can cut in the pool liner

There we go! That is the list of our top automatic pool cleaners that you can choose from to make cleaning your swimming pool easy and worthwhile. Each product on the list has its advantages and disadvantages to help you make the best decision for your automatic cleaner.

Buying Guide for Automatic Pool Cleaners

With lots of automatic pool cleaners on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right cleaner for your swimming pool. To help you choose the best cleaner for your pool cleaning needs, the following are buying tips that can guide you.

Type of pool cleaners

One thing to consider in buying an automatic pool cleaner is the type. Automatic pool cleaners come in various types including Robotic pool cleaner, Pressure side pool cleaner, Manual pool cleaner and Suction side pool cleaner.

Pool type

Before you buy, you must first consider the type of your pool. Thus, some pool cleaners are made for specific pool, but some are made for both above ground and in ground pools. In addition, the shape of your swimming pool also matters.

Type of debris that your pool collects

The dirt and debris that your pool collects also matters. If your pool collects large debris, you need a pool cleaner with big filter bag. On the other hand, you can have cleaner with ultra-fine filters if your pool collects small debris.

Walls, stairs, steps and waterlines

Robotic pool cleaners can clean the floor easily. However, some cleaners can’t clean walls, stairs, steps and waterlines. So, you can prefer for cleaners that can clean walls, stairs, steps and waterlines.


You can also look for the features of the pool cleaner. Some features to look include wheeled caddies, swivel cords, programmable timer and remote controls.


Pool vacuum cleaners are available in different costs. You must choose a quality pool cleaner that is best for your budget, needs and standards. Take note that the price of the pool cleaner is not the main basis supporting its quality and performance.


Automatic pool cleaners help you to get the job done efficiently. You must get the top quality robotic pool cleaner best for your pool cleaning needs. You can buy from reliable providers of best robotic pool cleaners on the market.

By considering this buying guide, we hope you get the best pool cleaner that will keep your swimming pool safe and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the types of automatic pool cleaners?

Automatic pool cleaners come in different types. The suction side, robotic as well as the pressure side pool cleaners. Suction side pool cleaners work with dedicated suction line. It is easy to maintain and ideal for finer dirt as well as hard to reach areas. However, it needs regular cleanings and washing to preserve the filter system.

On the other hand, robotic pool cleaner comes with plug and play operation. It can capture small and large debris in its built-in filtration system. It also has programmable features like path, timer and more. Most robotic pool cleaners are Bluetooth compatible. Meanwhile, this pool cleaner needs emptying built-in filter. They also comes with high price tag.

Pressure side pool cleaner has pressure side water flow that propels the cleaner in the pool. Compared to suction pool cleaners, this pool cleaner doesn’t use the filtration system of your pool. It can scrub and vacuum the walls and bottom of the pool. If you’re a budget-conscious customer, it can be the best pool cleaner for you. You can choose the type of pool cleaner that suits to your needs and budget.

Is automatic pool cleaner worth it?

Yes, an automatic pool cleaner is worth it. With the best pool vacuum cleaner, you can save your time and energy used when cleaning your swimming pool. It is also easy to use and cleans your pool in just few hours. It is perfect to use for bigger pools. This equipment can be your best partner for cleaning pools despite your busy schedule.

In addition, it doesn’t need additional parts to work in your pool. Commonly, pool vacuum cleaners are plug and play. There are lots of types of automatic pool cleaners, so make sure to choose the best that has the ability to clean every area of your pool.

What is Amazon services LLC associates program?

Amazon services LLC associates program helps customers to get the products they need. The affiliate advertising program designed to provide opportunity for people to earn extra income from products sold.

Should you buy more expensive automatic pool cleaners?

Automatic pool cleaners come in different price. Most expensive cleaners can offer you with quality cleaning performance. Fortunately, there are still more affordable products that come with great quality. With that, you can thoroughly clean the pool without spending more of your budget. However, you can also expect that cleaners with more capabilities come at a higher price tag.


As we go through reviews, we chose Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus as the best automatic pool cleaner. It comes with easy programming and strong brushing power. It is an energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner. The product is an independent cleaning machine that you can trust to keep your swimming pool clean and safe to use. If chosen, it will definitely be your best assistant in cleaning your pool keeping it a fun and clean place.

With the help of this article, we hope that you already picked your best automatic in-ground pool cleaner. Each product on the list comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which one is best for your individual needs. We also included a buying guide that can make your search for the best pool cleaner easy.

Do you want to enjoy swimming in a clean and safe swimming pool? What are you waiting for? Be sure to get yourself the best in-ground pool cleaner!

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