The recreational card game, Kan Jam, is an exciting new way to enjoy the fun of poker while simultaneously playing your favorite games like Blackjack and Roulette. It’s a lot more fun than just sitting at home on your couch playing with cards or tokens!

The “Kan Jam Rules” is a review of the best sets that are available in 2022. The article includes reviews of all the sets, as well as where to buy them. Read more in detail here: kan jam rules.

Kan Jam has exploded in popularity in recent years for one simple reason: it’s a fantastic backyard game. You’ve come to the correct site if you want to learn more about Kan Jam, learn how to play it, figure out the rules, or get some advise on which Kan Jam set is best for you. Let’s get started with our Kan Jam review, where we’ll try to address all of your Kan Jam-related queries.

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Overview of Kan Jam


What exactly is Kan Jam?

At first sight, Kan Jam seems to be similar to disc golf: you toss a frisbee into a target (in this instance, a Kan) and score to win. However, the game’s complexities make it a lot more enjoyable (and a lot more accessible for everyone to play). The main notion is that there are two Kans and two teams of two persons each. Each team must collaborate to achieve a total of 21 points – no more, no fewer.

Which Kan Jam Set is the Best for Me?

Outdoors is the best place to play.



American-made Kan Jam Original Disc Toss Game for Backyards, Beaches, Parks, Tailgates, Outdoors, and Indoors

  • OUTDOOR GAME: THE AMERICAN OUTDOOR PARTY GAME: Kan Jam is a popular competitive team game comparable to cornhole, washer throw, and horseshoes that is a lot of fun.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc across the yard, beach, or park for 21 points, or go pro and slot the flying disc for an INSTANT WIN.
  • EASY TO SET UP: This game is so simple to set up that you can start playing in seconds.
  • Kan Jam is proudly made in the United States.
  • PLAY ANYWHERE – Kan Jam is ideal for playing in the garden, at the beach, in the park, or at a tailgate party. Kan Jam is so light and simple to assemble that you can take it anywhere, set it up, and start playing in seconds.

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If you have any type of big, open area to play it on, the original Kan Jam is definitely your best choice. Between each Kan and four willing players, you’ll need around 50 feet.

This Kan Jam kit includes two Kans to construct (it’s extremely simple: just insert three plastic tabs into the correct holes), Kan Jam decals to apply to the Kans, and an authentic Kan Jam CD. There are instructions provided.

The original Kan Jam is a little bigger than the other sets, and it’s a little simpler to play for everyone. The distance between Kans gives the Deflector plenty of time to be ready for his or her deflect, and the game’s size makes it ideal for playing in the backyard during parties, get-togethers, or just for some general family fun.

This set is small enough to take to the beach, the park, or your next-door neighbor’s front yard (if you don’t like yours). The Kans are light enough to be carried without difficulty, but not so light that a direct impact would knock your Kan over. This is aggravating, but not a major issue.

What We Enjoy:

  • It’s a lot of fun.
  • It’s simple for relatives or friends to participate.
  • Simple to put together
  • Portable
  • To play, you don’t need anything else (and you don’t even need to be skilled).

What We Don’t Care For:

  • It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to play inside or on water.
  • It wouldn’t hurt if it came with two CDs rather than just one, but you can always purchase more.
  • Kans may be knocked over if they are struck hard enough.

The original Kan Jam game is ideal for playing outside. It’s humorous, entertaining, and competitive to the extent that you want it to be.

Indoors is the best place to play.



Indoor Tabletop, Basement, Dorm Room, and Game Room Play with Kan Jam Mini – Disc Throwing Game!

  • #1 OUTDOOR GAME: America’s #1 Outdoor Party Game is now available in a mini version! Kan Jam is a popular competitive team game comparable to cornhole, washer throw, and horseshoes that is a lot of fun.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Take turns tossing and deflecting the flying disc across the room into the goal for a 21-point victory, or go pro and slot the flying disc for an INSTANT WIN!
  • EASY TO SET UP: This game is so simple to set up that you can start playing in seconds!
  • Kan Jam is proudly made in the United States.
  • PLAY ANYWHERE – Kan Jam mini is perfect for indoor play! Kan Jam Mini is so light weight and Simple to put together you can bring it anywhere, set up and play within seconds!

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If you want to play Kan Jam but can’t (or don’t want to) do it outdoors, Kan Jam tiny could be a better option. Kan Jam mini is an excellent game for workplace parties, dorm rooms, indoor birthday parties, or as a cheap alternative to ping pong since it only requires around 16 feet of space.

This package includes two Kans, a CD, and instructions, much like the original. It does not come with a table to play on or a decent Kan Jam partner.

The mini (and the next variation we’ll review) is different from the original Kan Jam because it can be played in a 1v1 match as well as a 2v2. We go over the rules for these in the Q&A section, but just know that if you can only find one person to play Kan Jam with, you can still get a game in this way.

Here’s where you can get the Kan Jam Mini on Amazon.

What We Enjoy:

  • It may be played both indoors and outside.
  • It’s quite simple to go about.
  • It is not necessary to play with more than two persons.
  • Ideal for indoor gatherings, workplaces, and dorm rooms, among other places.

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Because the Kans and disc are so little, it’s a bit more difficult to play with four players.
  • Playing outdoors might be difficult since the wind can sway the disc and knock Kans over.

Overall, whether you want to bring a game to an office party, store it in your gaming room, or play it inside, this is the ideal version of Kan Jam for you.

When it comes to water sports, this is the best option.

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The Kan Jam Splash is exactly what it says on the tin: Kam Jam on water. Two specialized Kans that float on water, a smaller Kan Jam disc, and instructions are included in this kit.

The water version of Kan Jam is a bit more difficult to play than the land version since the Kans are smaller to fit in a pool, the disc is smaller, and deflecting the disc may be tough.

Kan Jam on water has the effect of moving with the water, making Dingers, Deuces, and Buckets more difficult. The little disc, which does not glide as smoothly as a frisbee, makes this much more difficult.

What We Enjoy:

  • Floating Kans are specialized Kans that float in the water.
  • able to play in a 2v2 or 1v1 situation

What We Don’t Care For:

  • Kans don’t have an anchoring mechanism and float about in the water.
  • Everything is smaller, making it tougher to hit the Kans and throw the disc accurately.

This version of Kan Jam was designed to be played on the water, but it has a few flaws that may make it difficult to play. We suggest the original full-size Kan Jam or the Kan Jan Mini for the complete Kan Jam experience.

Before you buy, there are a few things you should know.

How do you play Kan Jam?

You’ll need to set up your Kans around 50 feet apart after you have two teams of two individuals. Similar to how you play Corn Hole, one person from each team will stand behind both Kans. The team member with the disc (the “Thrower”) will toss it to their teammate (the “Deflector”) who is standing on the Kan. There are four different methods to get a score:

  1. The Dinger – When the Thrower throws the disc and it reaches the Kan. 1 point, it is called a Dinger.
  2. The Deuce occurs when the Thrower tosses the disc and the Deflector deflects it such that it lands on the Kan. The phrase “taken a deuce” does not apply to the Thrower or the Deflector. 2 points for you.
  3. When the Thrower throws, the Deflector deflects, and the disc lands in the Kan, this is known as the Bucket. 3 out of 5 stars
  4. Instant Win – An Instant Win occurs when the Thrower successfully lands the disc inside the Kan (either via the front slot or the top of the Kan) without the assistance of his or her partner. The game is done. Chicken supper is the winner.

Kan Jam’s objective is to reach 21 points without going above or under. If you go above 21 after your most recent throw, the points are removed from your total.

Let’s imagine you have 20 points to begin with. You chuck the disc and get a Deuce — a nice 2-pointer. Because 20 + 2 is more than 21, you must deduct the result. It is now 20 – 2. You now have 18 instead of 22.

When playing Kan Jam 1v1 with a friend, the score is a bit different:

You and your opponent will stand on opposing sides of the Kans. You get 2 points if your throw strikes the Kan. You get 3 points if it passes through the top of the Kan. The only way to win once you or your opponent have scored 20 points is to throw the disc through the top of the Kan.

Throwing the disc through the front slot, like in 2v2, is an instant victory.

What are the Kan Jam Rules?

Kan Jam’s rules are simple and straightforward. They’re simple enough to comprehend that you can become a walking rule book in under a minute (don’t worry, we won’t put you to the test). Kan Jam’s regulations may be summed up as follows:

  • To determine who goes first, teams flip the disc and yell heads or tails. If the other team to go reaches 21 first, the team going last has an advantage since they may pick what they will do with their final throw (this team can choose to try and tie up the game or go for the Instant Win). Second place is referred to as “The Hammer.”
  • Each round, each team receives one throw. When each side has thrown once, the round is over.
  • The game goes into overtime if both teams reach 21 in the same round. Each player throws once during overtime, and the team with the highest score after everyone has thrown wins. If both teams are tied at the end of overtime, the game will be replayed.
  • Kans should be 50 feet apart (16 feet if playing on water). When tossing or deflecting, players cannot cross the front of the Kan. The points from the throw are negated if the front of the Kan is crossed.
  • There will be no “carrying.” When a player catches, pinches, or otherwise snatches the disc, it is called a carry. Deflecting the disc at or into the Kan is the greatest technique to ensure that no one accuses you of carrying and invalidates your throw.

Kan Jam’s official rules are shown above, but everyone who has ever played Monopoly knows that house rules always win. Feel free to bend and modify the rules to suit your own tastes.

What is Kan Jam’s purpose?

The inventors of Kan Jam, Charles and Mitch, began throwing frisbees at a battered rubbish can in the 1990s. Kan Jam has subsequently become a popular choice for a party game.

Kan Jam is for everyone who wants to have a good time at a get-together, bring their family closer together, or spend quality time with the people they prefer spending time with. Kan Jam has no age restrictions, and anybody who can throw a frisbee may participate. It’s popular on college campuses, in parks, on beaches, in gyms, and in many backyards.

Is it necessary to have Kan Jam accessories?

There are certain Kan Jam kits that include optional extras. Sometimes it’s an additional CD, other times it’s another Kan, and other times it’s a red, white, and blue-themed set.

The glow-in-the-dark add-on, however, is the most popular (and the one that most people inquire about). You’ll receive two Kans, a frisbee with a connected LED light, and LED lights that you can place inside the Kans to light them up from the outside if you choose the glow option. These lights can change colors and come with a remote that can be used to switch them on and off as well as adjust the intensity of the light.

This might be a nice addition to a Kan Jam set if you have a history of liking to play party games late at night – but it’s not for everyone. You can construct your own nighttime version of Kan Jam using a glow-in-the-dark frisbee and portable lights with some kick (two high-powered flashlights work great).

Overall, the evening set may be a nice addition to the game, but it isn’t essential to enjoy it.

Variations on Kan Jam

If tossing a frisbee at a glorified trash can and turning it into a team sport isn’t your cup of tea, there are a handful other Kan Jam alternatives that could tickle your fancy.

For a more furious game, use a ping pong ball instead of a disc with the Mini or Splash sets. Dingers, Deuces, Buckets, and Instant Wins follow the identical rules, except striking the ball in mid-air is more difficult.

If you have the full-size Kan Jam set and a football, you may play a game between the two Kans that is similar to a real football game. It’s worth one point every time a player throws the ball and hits the Kan. It’s 3 points if a player tosses the ball into the top of the Kan. There is an official version of this called Kan Jam Hardcount, however the regulations are very complicated.

Feel free to mix and combine the rules as you see fit if you’re playing a football-style version of Kan Jam. Implement a no-tackling regulation or one that requires the ball bearer to be tackled. Let your imagination go wild.

If you want to view a video of Kan Jam Hardcount being played to get some ideas, here it is:


Most Commonly Asked Questions

How Can I Store My Kan Jam Set Easily?

Kan Jam is simple to store. Both Kans are flat sheets of plastic that fold into a circle and are the same size as a frisbee. For storage or transportation, the Kans may be dismantled into a flat sheet of plastic.

Is it possible to play Kan Jam on the beach?

Yes! Kan Jam may be played anyplace the Kans can be placed.

How Can We Improve the Kans’ Stability?

There are formal restrictions against Kans falling, so they aren’t meant to be fastened down, but we believe the game is a bit more fun without them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • On the inside of the Kan, drive stakes in a triangular configuration into the earth. One stake should be on the same side as the slot, while the other two should be on opposing sides of the slot. The goal is to keep the Kan from tipping over, so make sure these pegs are approximately a foot from the ground.
  • To drive a U spike into the ground, drill holes on two opposing sides of the Kans.
  • On the inside of the Kans, make a cross section of duct tape. The duct tape should create an X shape when seen from the top of the Kans. To weigh down the Kans, place pebbles on this cross section. You could also put a tiny kid on the X to weigh down the Kans, although this seems like a poor idea, similar to microwave-ing a spoon.

What is the most effective way to keep track of your score?

Because Kan Jam is often asked this question, they created an app to address the issue. It’s compatible with both Android and Apple devices. For our Kan Jam review, we downloaded and tried the program, and it’s simple to use with no glitches. You may choose who on each squad threw last and add or remove 1-3 points based on who threw last.

If you don’t want to keep score using an app (often the idea of an outdoor game is to get away from our phones! ), you have a few options: yell out scores after each throw, count in sign language, or utilize cave art. Just make sure it’s not your uncle who is known for faking numbers.

Kan Jam is a game that may be played by people of all ages.

Kan Jam is intended for people of all ages. You may watch eight-year-olds or eighty-year-olds playing and having a wonderful time in the video above. All that is required is the skill to toss a frisbee while having fun.

What are the dimensions of Kan Jam assembled objects?

The frisbee is 11 inches in diameter, and the Kans are 20 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.

The frisbee is 4 inches in diameter, and the Kans are 9.125 inches tall and 5.75 inches in diameter.

The frisbee is 4 inches in diameter, and the Kans are 8.7 inches tall and 6.3 inches wide.

The Kans are flat sheets of plastic when unassembled, making storage simple regardless of the assembled sizes mentioned.

Is Kan Jam a place where people cry?

Only if you succeed.

Kan Jam’s Brand

Kan Jam has been a proudly American brand since its inception. All of their production takes place in the United States, as does all of their storage, and all of their employees proudly wave the American flag. The inventors of Kan Jam came up with the concept for the game while tossing frisbees at trash cans in the 1990s, although the game itself has only been around since 2006.

Kan Jam has been sold in over 12,000 retail places in the United States, 23 countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since its inception.


Kan Jam may be a good choice for you if you’re searching for a fun, humorous, and sometimes chaotic game to play outdoors. It enables a group of people (or just two) to spend quality time together, form friendships, and have fun in the great outdoors.

Kan Jam is available in numerous various variants, including the Original, Mini, and Splash. The ideal option for you will be determined by where you want to play, how many people you want to play with, and your own tastes. The original Kan Jam, in our opinion, is the strongest of the possibilities and the one that most people will appreciate – but choose the one that best suits your own preferences.

Backup Kans, lights for your set, or stickers of other sports teams are among of the extras you might choose. These may be entertaining, but for most consumers, the only additional item we suggest is an extra frisbee. It’s not a terrible idea to add a second frisbee if you have one sitting around since collecting one frisbee after every throw might slow down the game.

Here’s where you can get the Kan Jam Original on Amazon (best price).

There’s no other way to put it: Kan Jam’s appeal stems from the fact that it’s a good time. It’s simple to learn yet difficult to master, and it can be a lot of fun for the entire family. The Kan Jam sets are portable, can be played (nearly) anywhere, and may motivate the family to go out of the house and into the yard.

Your creativity is your only limit when it comes to personalization. If you buy a Kan Jam set, please let us know what you think in the comments section below, and feel free to share your favorite variant!

Perhaps we’ll run across each other in the Kan Jam world championship. Thank you for taking the time to read our Kan Jam Review and Buying Guide!

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