Airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most common types being pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. Each type typically has its own set of features which are designed to make it more effective at different ranges within the game. With so many options available on the market today however; choosing a starter gun for newcomers can be difficult without knowing what sort of budget you have to work with when purchasing your first airsoft weapon. To help simplify this process we’ve put together our picks for the best starter weapons from .
The Best Starter Airsoft Gun: WELL MB-01 Electric BB Rifle
This rifle is under $30 and comes equipped with 200 fps velocity that’s perfect for new players looking to get started in competitive skirmishes or beginners who want an easy way into playing paintball games on weekends or school breaks! If shooting darts like motionless targets all day isn’t really your thing then this might not be right up your alley as it only holds 10 rounds before needing a reload but if you’re just starting out on Saturday morning then go ahead and bite down onto one of these beauties because they’ll look super cool while blasting away opponents during their lunch break!

The “best airsoft guns for beginners 2022” is a question that is asked by many people. It is difficult to answer, as there are so many different types of airsoft guns. I have found the best starter gun for you!

When you’re new to airsoft, you’re probably trying to get the most bang for your dollars. I’ve put up this fast guide to assist you select the best starting airsoft pistol for your requirements to help you navigate this world. There are a lot of starter pieces out there, and I’ve done my best to strike a balance between value and price to ensure that you get a decent feel for the sport with these airsoft weapons. Let’s get started!


1. G&G CM16 Raider

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This is the standard entry-level airsoft gun—you’ve most likely seen it before! The CM16 Raider is a wonderful affordable alternative that comes from a respected business and frequently receives positive feedback. Players report being able to hold their own against owners of far more expensive firearms, despite the fact that it is on the lower end of the pricing range.

It’s light, but it has some weight to it—it won’t slow you down, and it’s constructed of high-quality plastic that should endure for a long time. This is vital because when you’re first learning how to operate an airsoft gun, your firearms generally take a hammering!

The magazine holds 450 bullets (perfect for those who want to spray the field), and the rifle itself is entirely adjustable as you gain experience with it. A benefit and a disadvantage rolled into one: Stores don’t keep this pistol on the shelf for long because it sells out quickly—and if there’s a deal on it, it may sell out in minutes owing to its popularity.

Things we enjoy:

  • The cost
  • The gun’s material feel (it’s so genuine!)
  • The large magazine means you won’t have to reload as often.

Things we don’t care for include:

  • Because of its enormous popularity, this rifle might be difficult to come by.

2. Soft Air Scar from FN

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The FN Soft Air Scar has a more streamlined profile than the CM16 Raider and is even more affordable (and color choices, if aesthetics is your thing). Before you purchase, keep in mind that this airsoft pistol will need one AA batteries, which is not included. According to reviews, the battery should last a long time, but you should know that going in so you aren’t disappointed when you open the item.

This airsoft pistol is a full-size gun built completely of lightweight but sturdy polymer and plastic that fires 12g pellets quickly and with a realistic kick-back that most reviewers agree isn’t too awful! With 350 pellets in the magazine, you’ll be able to go a long period between reloads.

This rifle comes with a few modification options, such as folding down the sights and adding or removing a foregrip, that you can do directly on the gun. This is fantastic because it means that as an airsoft enthusiast, you can simply personalize your shooting experience to be precisely what you want. While this isn’t the best pistol on the market, it’s a great way to get into the sport—most users rave about how much fun it is to play with as a father and son in their garden, but warn that it wouldn’t stand up in an airsoft tournament. This isn’t always a negative thing—you simply need to know what you want to accomplish with your airsoft gun!

Things we enjoy:

  • This gun’s stunning silhouette and form
  • Customizations improve the accessibility of your game.
  • Low-cost

Things we don’t care for include:

  • That you’ll need a battery that isn’t provided

3. Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 by BBTac


BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 – Bolt Action Powerful Spring Airsoft Gun, Extreme Power Accurate Sniping with BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 – Bolt Action Powerful Spring Airsoft Gun, Extreme Power Accurate Sniping with BBTac Airsoft Sniper R BBS Ammo 20g 6mm

  • POWERFUL SPRING LOADED – Highly detailed Airsoft Sniper Rifle capable of shooting at 420-475 FPS. BBs, 2 g
  • AIRSOFT GUN Reproductions WITH DETAILED FINISH AND ABS POLYMER Structure – Airsoft gun replicas with detailed finish and ABS polymer construction to enhance platform
  • PRECISION MADE – A accuracy machine allowed for greater range shooting with increased stability and precision.
  • FAST LOADING – Airsoft weapons with Clips allow for rapid and easy reloading.
  • BOLT ACTION- For realism, a very realistic bolt action is used to load and release the gun when firing.

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Consider this strong airsoft sniper rifle with excellent ratings for a new style of shooting experience at a little higher cost. This is an airsoft gun that claims to be a true and accurate reproduction of the Sniper rifles are rifles that are designed to be used by snipers it’s emulating, therefore it’s worth the additional money. Because it’s composed of tough, long-lasting ABS polymer, it has a similar heaviness to the genuine thing.

This is a high-end machine. Again, you must decide what you want to accomplish with the airsoft gun: this is not a “spray and pray” machine, but rather a gun that you would use to pick people out from distance. Although you can only fire one shot at a time—which makes sense for a sniper—the reload speed is lightning quick, much faster than any of the bigger weapons with magazines. It does, however, come with the option of purchasing a tiny clip-on magazine that can contain roughly 20-25 rounds. Still, with this rifle, numerous rounds at once aren’t a priority—and that’s OK!

The bolt action, which was meticulously constructed to be as realistic as possible, is the major selling feature of this airsoft pistol. According to the reviews, using this pistol feels just like using the real thing! Also, since it’s a lightweight gun, it’s been reported that it’s easily impacted by the wind—just something to keep in mind while using it!

Things we enjoy:

  • The body is built of high-quality ABS polymer.
  • The great precision
  • The option to buy a magazine to make shooting easier

Things we don’t care for include:

  • This is a more lightweight machine that sways in the wind.

4. Benjamin Armada is a character in the film Benjamin Armada BTAP17SX Multi-Shot Bolt Action Powered by PCP

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This one is a little more expensive, but it’s well worth it—a it’s fantastic entrée into the world of borderline professional airsoft weapons. This airsoft piece has a true heaviness to it, which most people say makes it seem like a real gun. It’s so accurate and strong that some people use it to hunt real wildlife or for home protection.

Filling the air tank is simple, the cannon is constructed of a metal shell that looks nice and will endure for years, and users remark that the reload time is quick and the accuracy is excellent. This airsoft gun is a nice compromise if you’re seeking for the sweet spot between accuracy and the spraying sensation of a traditional machine gun.

Another benefit is that this pistol is exceedingly simple and quiet to use, making it a fantastic starting point for novices as well as a superb weapon for stealth operations. It takes some strength to fill the tank with the supplied air pump, but you can easily consider it part of the associate’s workout! This is one of the most popular airsoft guns on the market, so you’ll have no trouble finding other people who can show you how to use it in person, and any repairs, accessories, or replacement parts will be easy to come by.

Things we enjoy:

  • It has a genuine feel about it!
  • The operation was carried out quietly.
  • For a machine gun, the high degree of accuracy

Things we don’t care for include:

  • Because of the greater price,

5..177 caliber Glock 19 Gen3 BB Gun Air Pistol


.177 caliber Glock 19 Gen3 BB Gun Air Pistol

  • .177 caliber BB air pistol with 15 shots
  • A 12-gram CO2 cartridge provides power (CO2 not included)
  • Shoots.177 caliber steel BBs at speeds up to 410 feet per second.
  • Weaver rail included for quick accessory attachment
  • Fixed Glock-style sights and Glock markings that are fully licensed

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Last but not least, we’ve saved the finest for last! This Glock air pistol delivers in that exhilarating brand-recognition style as a handgun from a great name in the industry. It has the traditional Glock sights you’re used to, as well as licensed and legitimate Glock branding on the sidings. It’s also high-quality, with a Weaver rail on the side for attachments, 12 grams of CO2 power, and the ability to fire. 177 caliber BBs @ 410 feet per second.

This airsoft gun is such an accurate replica of a Glock that people report using it to practice for the real thing with great effects. Reviews state that it’s great for target practice, and it’s definitely up to the task — this gun can last for years, taking lots of heavy use before it requires any kind of repair. The combat sights that it comes with feeling like something right out of a video game, and definitely ups the ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ factor that comes with owning an airsoft Glock. A great compromise between budgetary airsoft guns and higher-end versions, this Glock airsoft does a great job for a Low-cost and includes all the thrills of guns many times The cost.

Things we enjoy:

  • The Glock name is well-known.
  • The frame rate (410 FPS!)
  • The power—reports say it’s comparable to actually firing a Glock.

Things we don’t care for include:

Before you buy an airsoft gun, there are a few things you should know.

Now that we’ve gone over a few terrific airsoft gun alternatives, I though it’d be a good idea to go over some of the reasons why people purchase airsoft guns—and what you should look for. Let’s start with the most basic:

What do people do with airsoft guns?

The simple answer is that they can do anything they want! However, there are two groups here: those who use airsoft guns for enjoyment and those who use them for practice. Many airsoft weapons are replicas of popular’real’ firearms, allowing the shooter to learn the basics of the gun’s attachments and feel without having to buy in the more costly actual gun (and in some cases, are banned regionally).

Depending on the airsoft gun’s strength, you may be able to use it to shoot small game or even for basic home protection.

However, in the beginning, you’ll most likely simply be having fun with it! At lower price ranges, you’ll be more likely to find weapons that are more suitable for running about in the backyard and that have a paintball-like sensation. They’ll still be useful in police and robbers games or for basic target practice!

In the end, this is a wonderful thing—you have a cheap entrance fee for an entry weapon, and you can level up as you become more of an enthusiast.

What are the many varieties of airsoft weapons?

Because normal gun manufacturers may build an airsoft version of their gun with very cheap overhead (which is one reason we have the Glock pictured above), there are virtually as many distinct varieties of airsoft firearms as there are regular guns. However, here’s a quick review of the many kinds of airsoft guns:

  • Assault weapons are firearms that are used to kill people.
  • Sniper rifles are rifles that are designed to be used by snipers
  • Machine guns are a kind of weapon that is used
  • Pistols
  • Shotguns

Another method to distinguish various sorts of airsoft weapons is the manner they’re fueled, rather than the model of a real gun they’re designed to imitate. In this perspective, there are three basic methods to distinguish airsoft guns:

  • Spring Powered (the most basic and popular source of power; also the ‘original’ airsoft system, in which mechanical force is needed to activate your gun through a cock and fire action)
  • Gas-powered (more powerful, albeit you must deal with CO2 tanks to make your gun function—but usually regarded a better option than spring-powered devices)
  • Electricity is controlled automatically (most popular, as the automatic feature is the one most popularly banned in real guns; this gives people a chance to try it out in a legal manner)

In the end, the sort of gun you buy will depend on what you want to do with it; for example, if you simply want to play with it in your backyard or with your friends, you probably don’t need much more than a spring-powered rifle. If you want to compete or use this as a true practice weapon, though, you’ll need to choose one of the more powerful alternatives.

Before you use an airsoft pistol for the first time, there are a few things you should know.

Before you use an airsoft pistol for the first time, consider how you’ll use it and how safe it will be. There are several things to consider, especially if you’re a parent purchasing an airsoft pistol for your child.

When purchasing an airsoft pistol for usage with family and friends, you must adhere to a stringent code of behavior. These aren’t’real’ weapons in the sense that they don’t fire lethal bullets, but they do fire very powerful projectiles that may cause injury. As a result, you should actually develop guidelines like “don’t shoot each other in the face” since you may end up with eye injuries and broken noses in minutes.

As a result, it’s always a good idea to invest in some serious safety gear before you start using your airsoft pistol, such as face masks and chest plates. This is also a good idea if you’re planning on going hunting!

FPS is another important concept to understand. FPS stands for ‘feet per second,’ and it’s a helpful measurement of how quickly a bullet will launch from your gun. If you don’t remember anything else from this page and need a quick reminder of what increases the force of a gun, keep in mind that the higher the FPS, the more powerful the weapon.

Consider any of these finest shooting mats if you want to do a bit more target practice and need a comfortable spot to lie down while shooting.

Brands of Airsoft Guns for Beginners

Here’s a summary of each of the above-mentioned brands:

G&G Armament

G&G Armament has been around since 1986 and is known for building tools that are engineered to replicate the guns they’re replicating with finesse and quality. They test each of their guns before they go on the market—these guys are all about the details.


From afar, FN stands for Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal, and each of their firearms is made in Belgium.


For years, BBTac has been dedicated to supplying high-quality airsoft weapons as an industry pioneer. They take pleasure in concentrating on their market and process.

Benjamin Armada is a character in the film Benjamin Armada

The first MLOK-equipped interface was licensed by this business, and it was used to create this rifle! It’s the first pistol that closely resembles the AR-15, which is a significant selling factor.


Glock, the firm whose name is linked with superb weapons, has been in business since 1963 and is today a global corporation. Mr. Glock is credited with inventing the modern firearm!


Q: Can airsoft weapons be used to murder people?

A: Yes, to put it simply. Any gun can kill if it’s pointed in the appropriate direction and fired with enough power. Airsoft weapons are often bought with the idea of hunting smaller wildlife, particularly at higher price points. The idea is that you should handle these firearms like weapons, not toys, because if you don’t, you might end yourself in a very bad scenario.

Q: Should I acquire an airsoft gun or a paintball gun?

A: It all depends on what you want to do with it! You generally don’t need to spend a lot of money on a high-end model if you’re simply going to play with it in your backyard. If you’re buying it to practice shooting with an airsoft before upgrading to a real gun, think about why you’ll be attempting to shoot a real gun, and then purchase the airsoft that most nearly resembles the gun you’ll be buying later. Are you planning to use it for self-defense or mild hunting? You’ll almost certainly want to invest in a higher-end airsoft gun with greater power.

Q: How can I keep myself safe while using an airsoft gun?

A: The most important guideline to remember with any gun, real or airsoft, is to never aim it in a location where you wouldn’t want to fire it. The next best suggestion is to use them in open locations, make sure everyone in the area is aware of what you’re doing, and wear protective clothing. Finally, make sure you’re using suitable safety gear, like as an airsoft mask.

Wrap Up

That’s all there is to it—everything you need to know about the finest starting airsoft guns on the market, as well as some facts that may help you choose the ideal pistol for your needs. I also added some safety advice, since that’s always a good thing to remember when talking about gun purchases and use!

Finally, the Glock is always going to be my top choice in this area. It’s a classic for a reason, and in this instance, you can’t match the hand-feel and license marks of this airsoft: it’s a ridiculously excellent fake for the real thing, and whether you intend on using it for pleasure or practice, it’s well-priced and powerful enough to be useful for both.

Consider what you’ll be using your airsoft gun for while you’re shopping for one. Do you wish to improve your accuracy skills? Then consider the airsoft rifle we recommended above: it’ll provide you with a fantastic tool for honing your sighting and shooting skills. When dealing with your new airsoft gun, remember to always be careful!

For those who are new to airsoft, the “best second airsoft gun” might be a good option. You can find out more about this product in our blog post.

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